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Each project is different and the needs of our clients vary greatly. Whether you are looking for support in bringing about your own strong vision or comprehensive assistance with the design and construction process, we can tailor our service to suit you.

How does it work? The various stages involved in delivering a typical project can be summarized as follows:


  • Property visit to clarify the client's requirements and obtain a design brief

  • Assess the feasibility of the project

  • Obtain information about the building or site usually in the form of a measured survey

  • Prepare Initial sketch proposals for discussion

  • Develop the detailed design

  • Apply for statutory permission (e.g. Planning permission, Listed Building Consent)

  • Prepare design and production information for construction and prepare for tender

  • Apply for Building Regulations approval

  • Assist with the selection and appointment of contractor, pre-contract meeting and contract

  • On site works

  • Administer the terms of the contract during operations on site, site visits and issue periodic financial reports to the client

  • Carry out defects inspection agree final account and issue final completion certificates


P r i n c i p a l  A r c h i t e c t

Stephen was born in Bristol, England in 1963 moving to London in 1981 to study Architecture at Greenwich University. After graduating he worked for various architectural practices in and around London gaining a variety of experience over a wide range of Architectural disciplines. In 1999, Stephen left a senior position at Chelsea Architects BLDA to form his own practice.


Our first major project was a £1.3m commission for the extension, modernisation and complete refurbishment of a Grade II* Listed Georgian property to create a bespoke and cutting-edge modern home.


The practice has subsequently thrived by taking on a wide range of projects for a variety of clients, including home owners, small & medium sized developers and other businesses. However, our principle passion remains the creation of high quality bespoke homes.


Stephen is a Chartered member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and he lives in South London with his wife and daughter.

Stephen is a flexible and responsive designer who approaches each project with a fresh eye. By reflecting and responding to the needs of his clients and the special characteristics of the property he produces bespoke design, rather than off-the-shelf solutions, that maximises the potential of each project. The end result is a personal statement by the owners rather than of the architect. As a master craftsmen, Stephen endeavours at all times to carry out his work with integrity, competence and discretion.


P r a c t i c e  M a n a g e r

Kate Jenkins was born in Manchester and moved to London in 1987 to study Politics and Economics at the London School of Economics.


After graduating, she completed a postgraduate conversion course and then practiced as a solicitor in London specialising in Family Law matters. Kate took time off to travel around South East Asia and America, and spent time working in Tokyo as an editor. Kate and Stephen have worked together since 2005, they live in London with their daughter and labrador.

Stephen Jenkins


Catherine Jenkins


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